NDN-Jamaican: Native Roots Interview and Video Playlist

Native Roots has been making their unique “NDN-Jamaican” music since 1997. Their sound has a solid foundation in reggae but is blended with the band’s Indigenous culture.

The songs incorporate traditional drums, flute and chants, but you can hear the cultural influence in Emmett “Shkeme” Garcia’s vocals as well – his voice reflecting his experience singing traditioanl pueblo and powwow music.

Indian Country Today’s Saturday Night Videos featured all Native Roots this week. If the band is new to you, the playlist is a great introduction. Sit back and enjoy at indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com.

For further insight, NAPT recently posted an interview with Native Roots co-founder, Sisseton-Dakota/Chippewa multi-instrumentalist John Williams. Stream the mp3 here.

To get you started, check out this track Native Say:


  1. Sweet cultural unity. We are one….this is part of the soundtrack of the unity of people worldwide.