New Release: Beaatz – “Music Is Me”

Tobique First Nation hiphop producer and emcee Beaatz releases his newest album Music is Me this week as a free download.

Beaatz is a young, talented emcee and hiphop producer based out of New Brunswick who has taken pure hiphop styling into the Indigenous music scene in a big way over the last year. Keeping his nose to the grindstone in his home community, he has honed his skill as both a rapper and producer.

Now after a putting in some solid time with producing and recording, Beaatz and his colleague Cameron Paul present the new Beaatz solo project Music is Me. With eleven tracks, this album is an awesome grab for free download of a complete album.

The music of Beaatz came across our desks via his YouTube Channel, and we were very impressed, to say the least. At the age of nineteen, and from a part of Turtle Island not really known for Indigenous hiphop, it was refreshing to see a young brother hit it so hard with a pure style rarely found in the current market of commercial-style rap and pop music. Staying true to the format and style of east coast hiphop music, his sampling and drum hits are all of a professional calibre.

The new Music is Me album is supported by a great catalogue of beats and rhymes that cover subjects of intellectual rhyme and socially conscious inspiring lyricism that is a good addition to the hiphop music of Turtle Island.

To acquire your free download of the fantastic album, go to megaupload.com.

Track Listing:

  1. Never Lookin’ Back
  2. Where The Days Go
  3. Keep Shining
  4. Freedom of Speech
  5. Never Know
  6. You Feel Me
  7. Life’s Calling
  8. Music is Me
  9. By Now
  10. Broken Promises
  11. Outer Limits


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  1. Is there another way to download this album? Following the link, I get a message saying Megaupload has been seized, etc.