Nominees for the Indian Summer Music Awards 2011

The year marks the 25th Indian Summer Festival which includes a powwow, tribal farmers market, arts and crafts market, golf, and the Indian Summer Music Awards. The 2011 ISMA nominees have been announced and include many RPM favourites.

Shawnee singer-songwriter Samantha Crain received a nod in the Folk category, Yaqui guitar virtuoso Gabriel Ayala is nominated for Contemporary Instrumental and Traditional Instrumental, and Northern Cree are up for an award in Traditional Drum. The nominees also include Vince Fontaine, Shy-Anne Hovorka, Wayne Lavallee and a lot of other outstanding Indigenous artists.

See the whole list of nominees at Announcing the 2011 ISMA Nominees.

The festival takes place September 9-11  in Milwaukee. Get more info at indiansummer.org.

Nominated for Best Pop Song, here’s “Can’t Change the World” by Shy-Anne Hovorka:

Nominated for Best Traditional Native Americal Vocal song, “Love” by Kevin Yazzie:

Nominated for Best Hip-hop song, “Always on My Mind” by Naka Nula Wuan: