N’we Jinan Artists from Oxford House Manitoba Release New Video for “When The Dust Settles”

N’we Jinan‘s latest project brings us talent from the Oxford House Bunibonibee Cree Nation in northern Manitoba. RPM got to know one of Bunibonibee’s upcoming talents, Trenton “BoiDee” Robinson, a 19-year old hip hop artist featured in “When The Dust Settles” by the N’we Jinan artists.

N’we Jinan brought their mobile music production workshop to the Swampy Cree youth to write, record, produce, and shoot a music video project for their community. BoiDee was one of the youth who worked on N’we Jinan’s latest project, “When The Dust Settles.” He shared with us his experience as a growing artist and working with N’we Jinan.

“The first track I made was at 11-years old I kept writing lyrics from there. When I turned 15 was when I got myself a microphone started pushing more music,” says BoiDee. “I seen my buddy recording and I decided to try it. I knew how so I decided from there I should start making music, and I’m loving what I do. I started recording with just a microphone and a laptop on Cool Aid Pro 2.0, and currently still using it but my studio looks more professional now.”

Since discovering his voice through music, BoiDee has become a versatile lyricist, writing R&B, hip hop, underground and club-style lyrics. He has also been an opening act for well known artists such as Drezus, Pryme Tyme Empyre, Illiano, and Finalie.

“‘When The Dust Settles’ is about our community and what it looks like. We talk about a lot of different things in that song. We made it for them, I want them to vibe to it,” says BoiDee. They shot the video in various locations in Oxford House including BoiDee’s own recording studio.

Check out the Swampy Cree youth of Oxford House, sharing the love and hope they carry for their home through the tough times in their northern community.

WATCH: N’we Jinan Artists – “When The Dust Settles”

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