Red Man Laughing: Ryan McMahon Debuts New Native Comedy Podcast

Ojibwe/Métis comedian Ryan McMahon presents the premiere episode of his new podcast entitled Red Man Laughing.

Extra prolific comedian Ryan McMahon unveiled his new podcast show Red Man Laughing this week. His first episode, Death Rant, Powwow Pick-up Pimp & The Highway, takes us through his views on death in the media, some great skits about Powwow pick-up lines, Life According to Clarence Two Toes and new music from his friends A Tribe Called Red.

This is the first installment in the project Red Man Laughing and looks to be some great content from Ryan. Along with his YouTube channels, website and blogs, this is just another level of funny and creativity that will set the bar high for the comedic creative community.

Props to Ryan McMahon for his hard work in the comedy industry and especially for the awesome shout-outs he sent to us here at RPM.fm.

Listen to the first episode of Ryan’s podcast below and to subscribe to the series check out: redmanlaughing.com.

Also check out Ryan on our West Coast Volume One podcast and our feature interview with him.



  1. Roberta Evans

    Maybe 20 years ago I saw a stand up act where a native comedian played the part of a show wrestler who did his act standing in front of his locker as he changed from street clothes into a native cheif costume for his part in a wrestling routine. I think he spoke about the white/non white relationship. I don’t have his name so I am not able to find him or his work so I may see that work again. Any ideas? I think his last remark when finally completely dressed in his Cheif outfit was in regard to his job not being humiliating – it was ironic!