Silver Jackson’s New Album: It’s Glimmering Now

It’s Glimmering Now, the new album by multi-instrumentalist Silver Jackson (aka visual artist Nicholas Galanin), was recorded in the artist’s living room in Alaska. Created during a ‘dark’ period of divorce and loss of loved ones, the project gleams light.

Perhaps it’s the number of guest producers, vocalists and musicians that Silver Jackson had contribute to the album, or perhaps it’s part of his already varied artistic practice, but the sound is hard to pin down. Which is not to say it’s lacking cohesion – the songs on the album keep each other good sonic company in their eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic sounds, samples, sung vocals and spoken pieces.

Download the album now from silverjackson.com. You’ll be glad you did.


  1. On A Boat w/Denise Denherder, Thanny Bean, Nick Polley
  2. Elliott w/Denise Denherder, Thanny Bean
  3. For Wade w/ Niki Bell, Denise Denherder, Thanny Bean, Nick Polley
  4. I Wrote A Red Rose w/Denise Denherder
  5. La Lionne w/ Zak D. Wass
  6. It’s Always Good w/ Micah Middaugh & Trevor Hobbs (of Breathe Owl Breathe), Little Wings, Aeriel East
  7. Glad I Found You w/ Nat Baldwin, Little Wings
  8. Stones Throw w/Micah Middaugh & Trevor Hobbs (of Breathe Owl Breathe), Little Wings, Denise Denherder
  9. Our Love w/ Oc Notes
  10. The Life I Live w/ Psmoov, J. Bradley
  11. It’s Glimmering Now w/ Oc Notes, Reva Devito
  12. Grown w/ Oc Notes, Denise Denherder
  13. Love Is… w/ Budo, Andrea Moreno-Beals (of Breathe Owl Breathe), Astronomar, friends and family
  14. What A Day w/ Denise Denherder, Sonny Smith