SPOTLIGHT: Beatrice Love

Cree R&B singer Beatrice Love out of Sturgeon Lake, Alberta, is stepping into the music scene with a soulful voice and just as powerful determination.

Here at RPM we get a lot of hip-hop, rock, folk and even country artists in our midst, but not a lot of R&B artists. So when we find one, we are naturally very excited to share their music with you, and this is definitely the case with our newest find Beatrice Love.

Beatrice Love out of Sturgeon Lake in Alberta is a proud mother of three and also an emerging artist taking the scene by storm with her strong soulful voice and character. Now hitting the Top 40 charts around the country, Beatrice is aiming to break into the mainstream whilst breaking boundaries as an Indigenous woman in the music industry.

Getting her big break in 2010, Beatrice entered The Bounce Showdown, a contest held by 91.7FM The Bounce in Edmonton, and won the grand prize! That took her to Vancouver to record with Hipjoint Productions’ Mike James and Troy Samson and from there they recorded Beatrice’s first single I’m Not Your Typical Girl which hit the charts on The Bounce.

Growing up listening and singing to the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, Beatrice’s voice reflects these influences with its soulful edge and powerful foundation that will definitely be a fixture in Turtle Island’s music scene in the future. яндекс.

Now balancing her life as a mother and a musician, Beatrice is working on an EP and releasing new singles as she goes along. Keep on the lookout for more music from this Cree-girl, because in her own words:

I want to break some boundaries as a native woman with hitting mainstream radio. I want to represent for Aboriginals cause I am!!!

Keep up with Beatrice Love on Facebook and YouTube and listen to her singles at hipjointproductions.net.

Here’s her the single I’m Not Your Typical Girl:

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