SPOTLIGHT: Savannah Rae Boyko

At 16 years old, Savannah Rae Boyko from Fisher River Cree Nation, has a list of accomplishments and original style under her name that will keep her in the game and running along side the best.

At first glance, her styling may take you to the 20’s, then at first hearing you think: “Right…20-something Pop Star”. Cue the buzzer because you’d be double-wrong. Savannah Rae Boyko is a teenaged Cree girl from Friendly Manitoba’s Fisher River Cree Nation. Currently working on her debut EP with Chris Burke-Gaffney of CBG Artist Development (who also produced artists like Chantal Kreviazuk and Eagle & Hawk to name a couple), Savannah has a bright future ahead of her and the right people on her side.

Savannah’s musical style has radio written all over it, and with her history of singing since she was a child watching Disney cartoons, she has the chops needed to hit the airwaves. Her music is fun and professional, bringing to the table a clean and energetic flavour filled with accents of summer and youth.

According to her bio, she was barely a teenager in 2006 when she was selected to sing on K-Tel’s Mini Pop Kids 3 and Mini Pop Kids 4 in 2007. Since then she has placed in the top 12 on YTV’s The Next Star and was a featured contestant on CMT’s Karaoke Star Jr. The stage has been a no stranger to Savannah at all with her starring in the lead role of Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie at Downtown Disney Florida and also in the chorus for Strike! The Musical for Manitoba Theatre For Young People. Performing for Prime Ministers and Legislators is also no problem for Savannah.

Given the name “Little Fawn”, Savannah stays in touch with her roots and recognizes the struggles of her people even when performing after government apologies to Residential School Survivors at Manitoba’s Legislature. Savannah’s grandmother was a survivor of residential schools, and her modest upbringing are a reminder to the close proximity of a darker time in Canada’s history for Indigenous people.

Now to be on stage, television and in the studio, Savannah brings a light to her family and people of the Fisher River Cree Nation and heads out of the gate with a great start in the music industry.

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