SPOTLIGHT: Jason Chamakese & Robert Gladue

Pelican Lake flute player Jason Chamakese and Waterhen Lake hand drummer Robert Gladue bring a healthy dose of cultural teachings and traditional sounds into the world of musical creation.

In this world of fast-paced Pop culture, we see a lot of egos dancing in the mirror and commercialized dialogues of product placement and material fascination. Then sometimes we get someone who comes through with a new look on the world of what we share through our music and imagery. Jason Chamakese and Robert Gladue bend the rules of what is popular and take us into a world of Native flute and hand drum sharing with us the values of cultural and traditional knowledge.

Growing up on the reservation in Saskatchewan, Jason was afforded the opportunity to learn Cree songs and stories from his parents.  A fluent Plains Cree speaker himself, he uses this cultural knowledge to share with his listeners the energies of his cultural teachings. Picking up a flute 13 years ago, he has made himself a name in the world of music, playing shows in major venues in Toronto, Winnipeg and even at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC.

Now joining forces with another Saskatchewan artist from the Waterhen Lake First Nation, Robert Gladue, they have created a balanced mix of vocals with Jason on the flute and Robert on a hand drum. Using story and song, they duo intends to influence youth looking to reclaim their culture and language through sharing and spreading their knowledge through traditional artistic expression.

Jason’s first CD project entitled: “Midnight at Clearwater, Native American Flute Songs, Volume 1”, earned nominations at the 2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards and Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards for Best Flute CD and his newest project: “Jason Chamakese, Native American Flute Songs, Volume 2” will be up for Best Flute CD in the 2011 Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards. A collaborative album project with both Jason and Robert is also underway.

Big things on the way from the Cree duo bringing us some traditional musical medicine, stay on the lookout for these two at a venue near you.

For more on Jason Chamakese and his music, check out his Reverbnation Page and a downlo his song “Irresistible