Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson Connects Through Haida Language

Haida musician, and Aboriginal-environmental lawyer, Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson talks with APTN about choosing to record songs in the Haida language.

Terri-Lynn’s new album New Journeys features traditional Haida music with arrangements by classical composer Bruce Ruddell.

“I felt it was important to sing in the Haida language. There are insights you can gain only through the Haida language so there are concepts I wanted to share with a broader audience that come out through these songs… that probably couldn’t reach people if they were in the English language” Terri-Lynn shared with APTN.

New Journeys is up for “Best Folk Acoustic” album at this year’s APCMAs – stream Today We Go On Our Own Strength here, and watch the full story APTN interview at Music Making Haida Language Universal.