The Local Onlyz Release “Kings Among Clowns”

The Local Onlyz out of Regina have a new release out entitled “Kings Among Clowns”, switching up the game with their upbeat, live instrumented hip-hop music.

The 4-piece live Hiphop collective the Local Onlyz have been keeping it innovative in the Queencity for the past half a decade. Made up of InfoRed from the Little Black Bear First Nation of Saskatchewan, DJ Merky Waters, Thomas Roussin on guitar and Nathaniel Bowen on drums, this collective brings a deliberate deliverance of Hiphop style and musical skills.

InfoRed and DJ Merky Waters have been bringing out underground-styled Hiphop tunes for the last decade, and now with the Local Onlyz, they transcend the barriers of the genre with a raw style of rap, soul, rock and funk that is accented by InfoRed’s technical lyricism, Merky Waters’ clean turntablism and the musical stylings of Thomas Roussin and Nathaniel Brown.

In perfect timing for the fall season, The Local Onlyz say they have ‘fine-tuned’ this release to where they are truly comfortable with it.

You can listen to the new Local Onlyz album Kings Among Clowns on Soundcloud.

Track listing:

  1. Next To You
  2. Sincerely
  3. Like It’s Your Birthday
  4. Love Dope
  5. Old Wood Bridge
  6. Going Local
  7. Left Or Right (featuring The Cottage Party)
  8. The West, A Nest And You
  9. Ground Control
  10. That’s Rap
  11. Tar Sands Casino