VIDEO: Aztlan Underground – Sacred Arrow Sun

The summer solstice is welcomed in the highest Indigenous regards by Aztlan Underground in this video for the instrumental track Sacred Arrow Sun.

We just passed the summer solstice recently, which has always been a special event for Indigenous cultures all over Turtle Island since time immemorial.

Legendary Indigenous music collective Aztlan Underground helps us to welcome the solstice and honor its gift of energy and sustenance with this instrumental composition and powerful artistic video production for their song Sacred Arrow Sun.

The video is described on their YouTube page as:

The tribal instrumentation of Sacred Arrow Sun serves to welcome the summer solstice in the Native way. Aztlan Underground marks the sacred event with rattles, huehuetl drum, pow wow drum, raspers, wooden and clay flutes.

This also gives a sneak peek into their upcoming album project Unearthed which is due to be released upon the next winter solstice in 2012.

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