VIDEO: Bear Fox and The 1491s – “Represent Bear Fox”

Here 2011 NAMMY award-winning musician Bear Fox, in collaboration with comedy troupe The 1491s, performs her song Rich Girl.

More known for their sketch comedy videos – which have made a huge splash on YouTube – the 1491s have branched out into other art forms such as poetry and music in some of their latest videos. Their most recent features Akwesasne musician Bear Fox, the 2011 Native American Music Award winner for Debut Artist Of The Year.

This video is an unplugged version of her song Rich Girl accompanied by some live beatboxing by Bobby.  The song touches on the issues of growing up in an Indigenous environment with very little in material wealth but having riches in culture and beauty of Indigenous life with family.

Props to the 1491s and Bear Fox for sharing this great piece of video artistry with Turtle Island!