VIDEO: Cheyanna Kootenhayoo – “Nightmare Before Dubstep”

The clever Nightmare Defore Dubstep sound project spoof is created by Cheyanna Kootenhayoo feat. Heebz the earthchild.

Cheyanna J. V. Kootenhayoo, is a young multi-talented Dene/Nakota women from Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, and originally from Cold Lake, Alberta. Starting from no sound, Cheyanna spent a few days with Logic and Pro Tools recording and re-designing voice overs, and sound FX, and music for this one minute clip from A Nightmare Before Christmas as a final school project. A Nightmare Before Dubstep features Heebz the earthchild from duo Mob Bounce, check it!

Intro and Outro tunes generously donated to Redwire TV by A Tribe Called Red.