Video Doubleheader By HannahC Productions

HannahC Productions hits us with a doubleheader of music videos from Kinnie Starr and Niska Napoleon.

Hannah Clifford aka HannahC is the brains behind HannahC Productions which has released a handful of music videos for artists like Kinnie Starr, Rellik and JB The First Lady. Originally from Prince George B.C., Hannah is a mixed Cree/Russian/Irish woman living now in Vancouver, Edmonton and Northern B.C.

This was a prolific week for Hannah releasing two videos into the Indigenous music culture-sphere. One is for Kinnie Starr’s song Go Go See It and is a colourful expression of this fun song. The other is a promotional video for The Whiteflower Tour of Niska Napoleon. This post-tour wrap up takes us into some of the shows and backstage scenes of Niska’s recent tour.

Both videos are laced with Hannahs artistic flavour and comedic styling.

If you want to checkout more of HannahCs video work, be sure to go to her YouTube channel: youtube.com/hannahCproductions

Or her Tumblr: hannahcproductions.tumblr.com

Watch Kinnie Starr – “Go Go See It”

Watch Niska Napoleon The White Flower