VIDEO: Hellnback – “Know the Ledge”

Winnipeg-based seasoned hip-hop veteran Hellnback is coming at you with another block rocking jam including footage of a Bboy dance battle in his local urban setting.

If you don’t already know about this heavyweight native MC, Hellnback aka Kool-ayd of Warparty aka Karmen James Omeasoo of Sampson Cree Nation, you should. This MC has been around “longer than most you cats breathin,’ seen ’em come and go, every trend every season.”

Since his days as the co-founder of Warparty, Hellnback has joined up with Team RezOfficial to continue pushing hip hop through a native lens. Backed by solid Bboys, a classic but bangin’ hip-hop beat, his director and editor Nutman and H_Extended Clip, and his skill as a lyricist, HellnBack‘s new video is sure to get you moving. Keeps it real fi dem old hip-hop heads.

Watch: Hellnback – “Know the Ledge”