VIDEO: Indigenous Music & Hip-hop Jam

Check out this wicked collab of freestylin’ from Rwandan hip-hop artist Pacachi with traditional Batwa musicians.

From ABC Radio’s Into the Music:

On the hills outside Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali, traditional Batwa musicians found a new voice in the urban community through an unlikely collaboration with local hip-hop artist, Pacachi.

Pacachi, and two other hip hop guys, Obie and Freddy, spent a day jamming with the Batwa singers, improvising lyrics.

There’s an interesting synergy between this indigenous Batwa music and the street hip-hop that is rising as the most popular music genre throughout Rwanda. Both groups use music to express their frustrations, their own hardship and the hardship of others.

After jamming, they decided to do a collaborative compilation, combining traditional Batwa music with street hip-hop. Pacachi took members of the Batwa community to a studio in the slums in Kigali and they recorded songs together.

You can hear the whole story at abc.net.au but first enjoy this jam!

VIDEO: Indigenous Music & Hip-hop Jam in Rwanda