VIDEO: Maisey Rika – “Tangaroa Whakamautai”

Maori Soul Singer Songwriter Maisey Rika recently released a video for her song Tangaroa Whakamauti, written and performed in her traditional language.

Tangaroa Whakamauti is a beautiful song that roughly translates into a ballad for the Maori god of the sea, Tangaroa. Sung in her traditional language, this song from the Aotearoa native is a powerful tribute to her culture’s history, language, and presence in contemporary music.

Rika’s award-winning stage presence and songwriting speaks for itself; this manifestation of a cultural revitalization is awe-inspiring and gorgeous on the eyes. Read the lyrics and the translation, done by Rika herself. Directed by Shae Sterling.



  1. Joan Athey

    Thank you M for posting this. It is beautiful and speaks to the honouring of oceans that we have lost the sensitivity for. Her music and the video will move many.

  2. linka

    Stunning in every way