VIDEO: The Making of Artificial Cloud

The music of Brooklyn-based White Mountain Apache artist Laura Ortman  is the soundscape for this new video about Bob Haozous (Warm Springs Chiricahua Apache) and his sculpture Artificial Cloud.

The Artificial Cloud is a massive steel monument made by Bob Haozous in honour of one of nature’s wonders. It stands at the borderline between the traditionally black and white communities in Tulsa, OK. In this video, Haozous talks about how we are destroying nature and eventually we will have to make monuments to remember parts of the natural world.

Haozous also shares thoughts on his journey as an artist, his father’s struggle as an Indigenous person to receive recognition as an artist, reclaiming his Apache name, and regaining his “right to be an Indian.” “It’s not a right that comes from blood or politics, it’s something that you give your children.”

The thoughtful piece, by thislandpress.com, is cut to music by the lovely Laura Ortman. Enjoy.