Vincent Schilling’s Book “Native Musicians in The Groove”

Vincent Schilling’s book Native Musicians In The Groove focuses on the lives and accomplishments of Indigenous musicians.

St. Regis Mohawk music journalist Vincent Schilling is the host of Native Trailblazers – one of the most listened to Indigenous focused radio shows in Indian Country – and writer of a related series of books. The second book from that series, Native Americans In The Groove, pays homage to the Indigenous musicians he has come in contact with over the years.

Growing up in California, Vincent’s love of literature and writing started at an early age in the library reading books when he wasn’t playing at the beach. His path in media began at San Francisco State University where he studied broadcasting, theatre and science. Later he would be prompted by his loving wife to explore his talent for writing, and with the challenge of making a sustainable career as a writer, Vincent began his path in book writing.

His first publishing venture was to be an author of children s books until his publishing company approached him with the idea of writing about Indigenous people in the United States and Canada, which he was thrilled to do instead. The Native Trailblazers book series consists of five books that focus on Native women, men, athletes, activists and musicians.

Native Musicians In The Groove takes a look at the lives and accomplishments of ten Indigenous music artists: Crystal Shawanda, Gabriel Ayala, Leela Gilday, Michael Bucher, Blackfire, Shane Yellowbird, Mary Youngblood, Four Rivers Drum, Mato Nanji and Jamie Coon. The book was a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in 2010.

In addition to being an author and journalist (he’s a regular contributor to Indian Country Today Media Network) Vincent is the manager of Cherokee singer-songwriter Michael Bucher, and host of the Native Trailblazers podcast on BlogTalkRadio – weekly in-depth and topical interviews with inspiring people from our community and where you can hear the RPM Download of the Week during the show every Friday at 7pm EST.

Get your copy of Native Musicians In The Groove from Native Voices: www.nativevoicesbooks.com/catalog/2.