Watch the Anime-tastic Video for Princess Nokia’s, “Nokia”

Princess Nokia drops an anime-laden video for her ethereal, cyber-R&B track, “Nokia”.

Comic-Con, anime and cosplay obsessed Taino artist, Princess Nokia, is back with new visuals for her dreamy electronic track “Nokia”—and the video features a swirling cascade of her favourite neon images and sugary pop influences.

As the owwwls-produced, Nokia ringtone-sampling beat swirls around her, Princess Nokia kicks back with her homies amidst piles of iridescent pillows, floating metallic butterflies, sparkly hair clips, spinning candy-coloured iBooks, red-lit staircases, robotic dogs, and Genetix comics, while freeform cuts and samples from anime Michiko to Hatchin, Japanese video games, and the old Nickelodeon sitcom Taina spin out this “holographic fantasy”.

Surefire in her late 90s/early-new millenial futuristic throwback stance, “Nokia” finds the “supernatural princess” right in her element.


Watch Princess Nokia, “Nokia”


DOWNLOAD: Princess Nokia’s “Nokia”