WATCH: The Hendo Bros Latest Video “Blessed” Featuring Hellnback

Winnipeg based producers The Hendo Bros teamed up with Hellnback on their latest single, “Blessed” from their upcoming Blessed EP, dropping soon. RPM caught up with Tyler Hendo about the track and video.

Shot in Winnipeg and Great Falls, Manitoba, “Blessed” was produced by Eric North and directed by Kirk Ferland. The feel-good video features Kirk, Tyler Hendo, and Hellnback with friends and family, and “is about being proud of our native heritage, showcasing the beauty and also realizing that all of us, every human, is blessed in our own way,” explains Tyler.
“The idea came to me about a year or so ago when my brother made the beat. The beat itself gave me a weird feeling, it made me feel good. During that time in my life, I was going through some stuff, and the idea that I overcame all my adversities made me realize how blessed I was to be alive and that I shouldn’t worry about the small stuff in life. I pitched my idea to a few rappers, who turned it down. When I showed it to Karmen (Hellnback). He loved the idea and his lyrics fullfilled everything I envisioned.”

Tyler was involved in every step of the creative process, and is satisfied that the project turned out exactly how he envisioned it. “This song means a lot to me on a personal level. I hope it impacts others the way it does for me. Music is a beautiful thing.”

The Blessed EP is currently in its final stages of completion, and will be dropping soon as a free download on their website HendoBros.com. Hard copies can be purchased in signed hard copies, as well as on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

 WATCH: Hendo Bros. “Blessed” Ft. Hellnback

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