Watch Sharif and Sacramento Knoxx’s “From Stolen Land to Stolen Land”

Sacramento Knoxx and Sharif join forces and bring light to the intersections of our common struggles in their new video, “From Stolen Land to Stolen Land”.

Resistance is everywhere. From Ferguson to Palestine to Ayotzinapa to Burnaby Mountain, and in many other struggles unseen, the theft of land and the dispossession and colonization of its peoples is coming to the forefront of people’s consciousness.

Fighting back against these violent forces, artists are rising and recognizing each other—giving voice to the commonality of our shared struggles to get free.

Sacramento Knoxx and Sharif collab on this latest joint, echoing the need for actual decolonization and shouting out the BDS movement, while chanting: “Turtle Island to Palestine in self-determination / we’ll replant every tree, rebuild every home / and until we see that day / our resistance lives on”.

Here’s their note on the track and the video: 

The foundation of this land is built on the genocide of indigenous populations and the enslavement of African peoples. Today we are still living under the echoes of displacement through constant state repression. Police are becoming more militarized and are increasingly escalating violence against communities of color. The same type of repression tactics that are tested on Palestinian populations, then sold and trained to our local forces.

​Let’s connect different communities seeking social change by intersecting their struggles. We would like you to join San Francisco based MC and community organizer, Sharif, and Detroit based producer, musician and ​motion picture artist,​ Sacramento Knoxx in our premier of “From Stolen Land to Stolen Land”. It is also important to note the importance of our actions. We would also like to encourage all of our viewers to respect the wishes of the Brown family and not participate in Black Friday.

Watch it all the way to the end for a shout out to Fanon and Wretched of the Earth. Decolonize and rise.


Watch “From Stolen Land to Stolen Land” by Sharif and Knockzarelli