WATCH: Stuart James’ Video for “No DAPL” Comes Straight Out of the Frontlines in Standing Rock

Exclusive from All Hip Hop TV comes Stuart James‘ music video for his track “No DAPL.” Shot over a two week visit to the Standing Rock camps, the video is preluded by info to keep you connected with Standing Rock, teachings from our late great uncle John Trudell, and footage of our protectors on the front lines. 

Throughout the occupation in Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline, Stuart James has been putting in the work on his part to spread knowledge through hip-hop. After dropping #NoDAPL online, he played at the Black Hills Unity Concert and visited the camps, where he shot most of the footage for his video.

“I know quite a few people from the Standing Rock area and there were quite a few people who were coming up and showing love for the song,” says Stuart. “I’ve made this statement countless times and it never gets old. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The number of tribes that have showed up is amazing and the people are extremely friendly. I love the fact that everyone is there for one reason and it creates a powerful positive environment for everyone in attendance.”

WATCH: Stuart James – “No DAPL”:

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