Win Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers New CD

We love Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers and their new album Under the Water Tower. We also rather like haiku. Thus, we’re bringing them together in our Gary Farmer Haiku Contest! Enter now.

A copy of the new Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers’ CD Under the Water Tower and RPM swag bag could be yours!

To enter, all you have to do is comment with an original haiku below. The only caveat is that the wee poem be inspired by Gary Farmer.

Perhaps it is his role of Nobody in Dead Man, or Ray Delaronde in Blackstone, or the sweet bluesy sound of one of his harmonica riffs that will inspire you. But wherever you find your inspiration, write your own 5-7-5 Gary Farmer homage in our comments below and you’ll be entered to win!

Check out the interview with Gary by RPM’s Marika Swan, watch the video below of the band at Portland’s Waterfront Blues Festival, and download Make a Change to get the ideas flowing.

Enter by 5pm PST Friday April 20th.


  1. RPM

    Here’s one from us to get the ball rolling!

    From Albequerque
    A band of seven men left
    Music called shotgun

    Now you go!

  2. Who is Nobody?
    Travels along Johnny Depp.
    But no crow on head.

  3. Music is Soulful
    Pow wow Highway was so cool
    So good to see you

  4. Memories of songs
    takes me back to yesterdays
    fills my heart with love

  5. nini banks

    William Blake lover
    Sending out his smoke signals
    Mouth harp in his hands

  6. Angus Vincent

    Jammed with Gary once
    will never forget the sound
    Tuesday was so gone

  7. Gary is trouble
    So are his troublemakers
    Their name is perfect