Winnipeg’s Most New Album “GoodFellaz”

One of the hottest and hardest working bands on the scene right now, Winnipeg’s Most, released their second album “GoodFellaz” on Tuesday.

Charlie Fettah leaked the fantastic cover art on Twitter, cementing the album’s namesake as an homage to the classic Scorsese film.

“Goodfellaz” features guest appearances from Inez, Krizz Kaliko, Louie Rankin, Peter Jackson, The Rupness Monster, and The Heatbag Family.

You can stream the album on Winnipeg’s Most Facebook Page, buy it on iTunes or, if you’re in the Winnipeg area, it’s available at NSHB Studio & Clothing.

“Goodfellaz” – Track listing:

  1. Intro Ft. Louie Rankin
  2. Winnipeg Boy
  3. Don’t Stop Ft. Rupness Monsta
  4. World Goes Round Ft. Inez
  5. Good Girls Gone Bad Ft. Rupness Monsta
  6. Key To The City
  7. If I’m Not a Hustla
  8. Forgive Me Ft. Krizz Kaliko
  9. When I’m Gone Ft. Peter Jackson
  10. Never Know Why
  11. The World’s Crazy
  12. Come Get Me Ft. Bubblz
  13. Invincible Ft. Big Slim

Congrats boys, we’re excited to hear it.


  1. kris gotti

    dope ass group keep it bobing u guyz should do a show dwn here in regina sask

  2. annie

    hey i really love what you guys doing…
    i listen your new cd everyday ..cant wait to hear he next one..;D
    im from mtl..got people everywhere in canada..i try to make sure everyone listen wpg most..;P u know..maybe u guys swing by mtl when im there..;p

  3. Kristina

    Loooove you guys. Keep up the good work. Too bad about Brooklyn leaving but Charlie and Jon , you guys will do great as I know Brooklyn will too. Best of luck to all of you , you’re amazing at what you do.

  4. Hey There I Just Wanted To Say That i Listen To you Guys Everyday And I Really Love Your Guys Music. Keep Up The Good Work And I Cant Wait To See What Your Next Album Will Be.!