Based In: Edmonton, AB

Promising Aboriginal Music Producer & DJ “Edley”, has launched his own production network and is taking the music industry by storm. Never latching on to the common sound; Edley uses his creative prowess and merges genre’s to create new sounds. His latest discovery “Space Bass” electronica fusion; is a mosaic of multi-genre bass music such as Drum & Bass, Progressive House-Step, Progressive-Break-Step, Chill Bass, Soul Bass & Future Bass. Producing with his very own niche, he also DJ’s various styles including Drum N’ Bass, Breakbeats, Future Bass, Ghetto Funk, & Synthwave to name a few. With already having been featured on Edmonton, AB 88.5 CJSR ‘Interslice Eclectic Electronic’ radio show, having a remix for Brother Octopus track ‘September’ released on Oak Apple records finding it’s way to Itunes & Bandcamp, booking an array of shows, opening for Drum N’ Bass monsters Evol Intent, Gridlok, Capital J, and Cain.1, he is a full force coming in at MACH SPEED.

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