Le Bas-fond

Based In: Pacifica, US

Melody Pilotte is fortunate enough to have a multifaceted artistic career:
Making music as Le Bas-fond, she is an expressive soprano, coupled with a bittersweet, ever-present sense of mortality and a glimmering sense of hope. She is proud to include “composer” as part of her artistic resumé and has had the privilege of contributing to several scores.
As a professional artist working under her given name, Melody Pilotte’s art work has been featured in magazines, calendars, children’s books, and cds.
She holds a BA from SFSU in American Indian Studies, with an emphasis in constitutional law, environmental justice and religious freedom (cum laude). She is of the Eastern Abenaki nation, an active member of the San Francisco Native community, and worked on an  exhibit what is now permanent on Alcatraz Island about the 1969 Indian occupation.

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