Taima is Élisapie Isaac and Alain Auger. It’s also the expression of visions that change according to the way you look at a person, an emotion, a culture or a place. “Taima” is a widely used Inuktitut expression that means “Enough! It’s over. Let’s move on…” TAIMA carries the idea of renewed and better relationships between “Whites” and Inuit people. The duo says “taima” to the time when Inuit felt victimized and repressed, when it seemed that their way of life was threatened or endangered. Taima’s debut was released in 2004, on this album, Taima presents eleven touching, profoundly soul, heart and spirit moving pieces. Eleven different universes travelling across fire and ice to bring out all the possible finer points of their music, sometimes mind-blowing (Remaining For You), carnal (Ilunnut), sensual (Nalligigumavagit) and also abrasive (So You Say, Hard To Be).