Terri-Anne Strongarm

Based In: Regina, SK

Hailing from the Starblanket Cree Nation, Terri-Anne Strongarm, at just 23 years old, is already a well-established country music entertainer. The “little girl with the big voice” has been singing since the age of four – and performing on stage for nearly as long – as lead singer in her father’s band “Highway Express”, and under her own name, traveling throughout Saskatchewan , Ontario, Manitoba and into the U.S.A.

Artist: Terri-Anne Strongarm

DOWNLOAD: Terri-Anne Strongarm – “Racing on the Wind”

Terri-Anne Strongarm, from Starblanket Cree Nation, has an impressive resume considering she’s just 23 years old.  She’s opened for Charlie Major, Kalan Porter, Shane Yellowbird, The Road Hammers, Doug Kershaw, Crystal Shawanda and most Patty Loveless and won accolades for her big voice and country music stylings since she first began performing at 4 years old. …read more »