DOWNLOAD: A Tribe Called Red’s Remix of Stars’ “From the Night”

ATCR offers a late night, minimalist rework of “From the Night”, the lead single off the latest from Montreal band Stars

Given that everyone we know has worn out even their digital copies of Nation to Nation by now, it’s good to see the boys from A Tribe Called Red continuing to put out new music by stepping up their remix game.

We’re enjoying the more stripped down, minimalist approach to rocking headphones, homes and dancefloors that ATCR has been taking. They’ve proven they can throw down in huge venues for huge crowds, but there’s a subtlety here that is immediately appealing and addictive.

Given that the original version of “From the Night” is a decidedly retro-facing, neon slice of disco-redux, ATCR’s breakbeat-infused hi-hat/clap/hook arrangement comes off as fresh and fitting for the song’s plaintive melody and chorus.

Perfect for an evening drive through rainy autumn streets, A Tribe Called Red takes a great tune and works their magic on it, turning “From the Night” into mandatory repeat listening.

UPDATE: The ATCR remix is now available to stream and download through NoiseTrade as part of Stars – “No One is Lost” Tour EP. Get it here.

Listen to Stars, “From the Night” (A Tribe Called Red Remix)

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