DOWNLOAD: Boogey the Beat’s Aboriginal Music Week 2016 Mixtape

RPM and Aboriginal Music Week have partnered up once again to celebrate the hottest music in Indian Country now. Check out the latest exclusive RPM mixtape compiled by Boogey the Beat, featuring artists and music as diverse as the many Indigenous nations representing at AMW.

RPM’s latest mix features the singer-songwriter compositions of Jeremy Dutcher, Frank Yamma, and Tara Williamson, Hip-hop from Eekwol, Leonard Sumner and Boogey The Beat, the musica latina moderna of Boogat, the fiddle tunes of Ivan Spence and the Burntwood Band, the rock grit of Kristi Lane Sinclair, the soulful reggae blues of Digging Roots, and Billy Simard‘s country sound. There’s something for everyone here.

And don’t miss AMW’s Spence Neighbourhood Block Party
presented by Revolutions Per Minute
Wednesday, August 10, 2016 | 2PM – 7PM
Free | All Ages

Featuring live performances by: Digging Roots, Frank Yamma, Jeremy Dutcher, Boogey The Beat, Rylee Sandberg, and the Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers

Download: The Aboriginal Music Week 2016 Mixtape


1. Jeremy Dutcher – “Honour Song”
2. Ivan Spence and Burntwood Band – “Liberty Two Step”
3. Eekwol – “Iskeweak Iskotew Tapwewin (Kisay’s Song)”
4. Boogat – “En La Montaña”
5. Frank Yamma – “She Cried”
6. Kristi Lane Sinclair – “To Dream”
7. Tara Williamson – “Come My Way”
8. Digging Roots – “AK47”
9. Billy Simard – “Being Free”
10. Leonard Sumner – “Chainsaw”
11. Boogey the Beat – “Buffalo”


For more info visit www.aboriginalmusicweek.ca