DOWNLOAD: Dark Water Rising – “Hooked”

Lumbee/Coharie band Dark Water Rising took their name from their home near the rich, dark swamplands of the Lumber River in North Carolina. Apropos for a band whose music is an intriguing and inviting mix of soul, blues and indie-rock with depth, character and emotion. The lead vocals of Charly Lowry drive the music with fervour and passion, woven with old-timey gospel harmonies. It’s like if The Commitments came out of Indian Country writing original tunes and pulling in a little country and alt-rock along the way. It’s like nothing else. Get hooked.

DOWNLOAD: Dark Water Rising – “Hooked”

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  1. Jon

    I saw these guys at the Native American Music Awards and they rocked!! Their debut CD is great too. Who would have thought that they began their music careers after playing the Rock Band video game without any musical training! Definitely a group to keep an eye on.