DOWNLOAD: DJ Kwe ft. Nino Korta – “Who Speaks for Wolf”

Cree/Métis artist Crystal Favel, aka DJ Kwe, infuses Aboriginal sounds with electronic music. She spins beats, scores films, writes prose and shares her story through musical, multi-media montage – a practice that earned her the moniker “The Digital Storyteller”. Her Wax Warriors movement encourages and represents youth who also turn to turntables for musical expression – her own path in music trail-blazing the way for others to follow. Indeed, the Indigenous electronic music scene has been steadily growing over the past few years, with DJ Kwe at the forefront. She sent us a few tracks from her album The Electronic Drum  to check out and this track – a collaboration between Kwe and Nino Korta – is our favourite so far. Dig it!

DOWNLOAD: DJ Kwe – “Who Speaks for Wolf”

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  1. Chantali

    Loving this…