DOWNLOAD: El Indio’s World Hood Mixtape Vol. 5

DJ El Indio drops the latest instalment in the World Hood mixtape series: a booming blend of global bass, beats, dub, dancehall, and ragga sounds.   

World Hood, aka the dynamic duo of vocalist Estrella Hood and El Indio, having been making waves on the Indigenous music scene for the past few years and they continue to throw down dope live sets of original material, while finding time to curate infectious rhythmic selections from other artists.

For Volume 5 in their series of bass-heavy World Hood mixtapes, DJ/producer El Indio has assembled a trunk-rattling collection of beats to keep the party on blast in whatever continent you’re listening from.

There’s no published track list yet, so we’ll leave it to you discerning rhythm scientists to identify the breaks and drops, but there are vibes and samples on this one blasting in from all over the place. So drop in, get familiar, and fire away.

DOWNLOAD: World Hood Mixtape Vol 5 by El Indio

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