DOWNLOAD: J Dizzay – “Time After Time”

From Battleford, SK, Cree artist J Dizzay released his debut album this summer and this track just yesterday. Hot off the DIY press of his home studio, J Dizzay remixed his rap with beats from Kid Ink and Cyndi Lauper’s famous song. J Dizzay grew up in a musical family and cites influences from multiple genres in his own work – he was even a drummer in a country band – but it was discovering West Coast rap in the 90s that truly took hold of the young artist.  Simply put, he is bent on writing and recording what music moves him and, gratefully, he is moved to share it with the world.

DOWNLOAD: J Dizzay – “Time After Time”

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  1. Rolland Nadjiwon

    Wow…this guy is good…rap but not too heavy or overwhelming…I like!!!!