DOWNLOAD: Jace Martin – “Falling Stars”

Falling Stars is the title track from the upcoming album by Mohawk Six Nations Jace Martin. Produced by Crystal Shawanda, the track is just what you’d want out of a Nashville pop-country song – catchy, sweet and danceable. So grab your partner and download it now.

Following his years in blues band The WolfPack, Jace Martin developed his solo style with his 2008 APCMA “Best Blues Album” nominated eponymous album. Now signed to NewSun Records, and with country-star Crystal Shawanda in the producer’s seat, Jace is branching out into new musical territory.

DOWNLOAD: Jace Martin – “Falling Stars”

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  1. Steve

    Boffo !!…This guy is really good..Look forward to hearing more soon 🙂