DOWNLOAD: Kait Angus – “The Masons Heart”

Be prepared to be hypnotized. Download the latest from Kait Angus, “The Masons Heart”.

We don’t know where this song came from, how it got here, or what otherworldly fire it took to make. But, for seven minutes and twenty eight blissful seconds, we were utterly transfixed.

Cree/Mohawk singer Kait Angus has a gift for deceptive simplicity and by the time the hypnotic refrain “in our hearts / we carry the flame” rises into view, this heart crushing song will have long echoed and ached its way deep into you, with the spirit of some unknown elsewhere. Magic.

Download: Kait Angus – “The Masons Heart”      


Download more of her music at kaitangus.com

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  1. hal

    Thanks for the wonderful music. I always knew you were talented