DOWNLOAD: Nick Sherman – “Drag Your Words Through”

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Ojibway singer-songwriter Nick Sherman, from Sioux Lookout, Ontario, perform live, and I’m thrilled that this week’s RPM download is a track from his brand new album, Drag Your Words Through.

Sherman’s poetic and honest lyrics, paired with his warm, rich voice had the room near tears when he performed, and luckily the depth and emotion that he so beautifully conveys live is captured well on all the tracks of Drag Your Words Through. Described by Sherman as music rooted in contemporary folk, the sentiments on the album span the best and worst days of four years in his life – so hearts are moved not only to sadness, but to smiles too. Be sure to check out the album at www.nicksherman.ca and get started by downloading the title track here.

DOWNLOAD: Nick Sherman – “Drag Your Words Through”

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  1. Jason C. Clement

    Amazing tune.

  2. Cathy Ann Kelly

    I love Nick’s music, his lyrics are thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful. Good luck with the album.

  3. I encourage everyone to go see Nick Sherman live. During this song ppl from the crowd were called to come up and play the spoons, bang pot and other household instruments. I wanted so badly to go up… I’ll go to the next show for sure

  4. Andrea Richard

    Wow! Great tune that I found myself tapping my feet to. Glad to hear about this artist from the north.

  5. Roxanne and Payton Gagnon

    We’ve have seen him play live and ever since we’ve adored his music. Great song Nick.

  6. Catch …

    Nick Sherman in Winnipeg at the 3rd Annual 8 Days in May.Eh! Urban Gatherings. He will be performing throughout the Festival on May 11,12,18,20 see http://www.8daysinmayeh.com for more details. Festival runsa May 4-25 2012

  7. hope this artist gets booked at all the summer festivals – new talent is greatly needed – and he is a great talent!

  8. Dom Brioschi

    good I think Sherman is one of the most interesting young native american musician today. I am a fan of RPM, a canadian friend introduced me to this world and I love it. I’m from Italy and me and a lot of italian friends can’t wait for RPM newsletter, and for new (for us) incredible musicians to know.
    Great work. Thank you everybody.
    Dom & friends

  9. dawnio

    Cool smooth sounds!!!! will have to check it out live one day 🙂

  10. naniwea

    Nick I loved your voice..all the best with your career!!

  11. robertian047

    Great writing. Really like the music, smooth & rolling. Powerfull feeling to the vocals.

  12. Thank you for the support, everyone!