DOWNLOAD: Princess Nokia’s New Album, ‘1992 Deluxe’

New York’s ever-transforming Taino-bruja rap royalty Princess Nokia just dropped her new album, 1992, and re-upped it in a brand new deluxe version.

Having teased her new record’s release since 2016, Princess Nokia has released her latest album, 1992, in a new, deluxe format.

1992 has evolved into a 16-song selection of banging rap tracks dedicated both to her year of birth and her decade of choice. It features a mix of producers from the likes of Bobby Johnson, Atrak, Lex Luger, Saint, and Blanco, plus a feature from Ratking’s Wiki.

The album is an unapologetically raucous, foul-mouthed, party rocking record that explores her ancestral connections to her Puerto Rican, Taino/Arawak, and Cuban background and her penchant for boricua braggadocio.

Get into it.

STREAM: Princess Nokia’s 1992 Deluxe

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