DOWNLOAD: Tall Paul – “The Show (Act I & II)”

The prolific and talented Anishinaabe MC Tall Paul drops a new two-part track, “The Show (Act 1 &2)”, reflecting on Dave Chappelle, encounters with stardom, and maintaining integrity in the struggle for artistic success and survival.

In classic rap storytelling mode, Tall Paul recounts the well-publicized recent shout-out that he received from legendary comedian Dave Chappelle at a show in Minneapolis. Chappelle had heard word about him, downloaded his album, and was a fan of the track “Protect Ya Spirit”.

On “The Show (Act I & Act II)”, Tall Paul reflects on Chapelle’s own journey navigating the perils, pitfalls and possibilities of celebrity and fame—while discussing his own subsequent encounter with the ‘attention spike’ of Chappelle’s celebrity endorsement, and his drive to maintain artistic integrity when Chappelle’s “the furthest thing from working wage” rolling in a Jaguar, and Paul’s driving a Buick “going to protest a mascot”.

This is a hip-hop story of the working class hero: hustling for recognition, while trying not to sell out in the process. Respect is earned in the struggle, not paraded out in the flash of a momentary spectacle.

DOWNLOAD: Tall Paul – “The Show (Act I & Act II)”


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