DOWNLOAD: White Fire Reed – “The Round Universe”

Ojibwe brothers Mike and Gary Johnston have been performing as White Fire Reed since 1997. The years spent writing, performing and honing their alt-rock sound culminated in the release of their first full-length album, Positive Change, just last year. The artwork depicts a flash of lightning, a symbol that inspired the band’s name. “To me White Fire Reed is a representation of lightning along the banks, and the reeds are deep down in the water” Mike has said. “There’s a lot of strength in thunder, there’s balance there”.

There surely is balance and harmony between these two brothers in their music. They’ve sent us this track to check out and it’s got a sound that has us imagining driving a convertible down a highway somewhere, the wind and music blaring, rocking out.

DOWNLOAD: White Fire Reed – “The Round Universe”

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  1. Hey there Ronnie and Christa-RPM.fm:
    Thanks for having featured on your website! Awesome work! You guys Rock! We would like to do an “in-depth” interview with you over Skype. Let’s make an arrangement sometime soon! Cheers to you both!

    Sincerely from the both of us,

    Gary and Mike Johnston
    White Fire Reed.