STREAM: Heebz The Earthchild – “Idle No More”

Leave it our boys Mob Bounce from the West Coast to drop one of the first Indigenous hip-hop tracks to draw directly from the spirit of the emerging #IdleNoMore movement and turn it into music. One half of the duo, Heebz the Earthchild, dropped this new joint on SoundCloud yesterday.

We’ll let the lyrics speak for themselves, but we can already hear crowds gathering with a repeated, melodic chant of “Idle No More”.

“Idle No More” Lyrics:

Put your coat on, this is a cold song. With the heart of my elders, this is an old song. We have to go strong when they hold bonds. Those politicians with there souls gone. We row on the river that we flow on and keep showing the world what we know is wrong. My eagle eyes are sharper then the scissors held by the barber, cutting the braids of our rivers. That’s a cut to and from Stephen Harper. Your treason is harder then the stone in your heart SIR. I see more pride as we fight Bill C-45. We’ll make you mortified that you ever tried to attack our people who stand fortified. This land is for the lives who stand for truth and not for lies. I know what I’m fighting for, and what I am fighting for, you know what I am fighting for, for this I IDLE NO MORE.

STREAM: Heebz the Earthchild – “Idle No More”

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