Stream Mob Bounce’s Hypnotic New Single, “Animal Spirit”

Mob Bounce drops “Animal Spirit”, the second single from their upcoming release, Mob Medicine.

Hot off the melancholic longing of “Welcome to the Struggle”Heebz the Earthchild and the Northwest Kid are back with round two, “Animal Spirit”, a haunting dose of Indigenous hip-hop medicine.

Over a hypnotic backing beat filled with echoing chimes, bells, and distorted animal sounds, the track channels the carefully-crafted lyrics of the two MCs, in traded sing-rapped verses brimming with flow and fire.

“Animal Spirit” takes struggle music and blends it with the force of ancestral presence and resurgent return. Mob Bounce critiques the failings of western rapacious capitalism and colonialism, while calling out to west coast secret societies, protected knowledge, and prayers of thanks to the Creator.

Mob Bounce sees through the smoke and mirrors of colonized being with eagle-eyed clarity. Get lifted on the music and listen with your spirit.

STREAM: Mob Bounce – “Animal Spirit”

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