STREAM: Shoot the Image – “Reykjavik”

The weekly top 40 of music from Indian Country – National Aboriginal Music Countdown – can be a place to discover great new artists. 

You won’t be surprised to find Derek Miller, Crystal Shawanda or Shane Yellowbird on the NAMC list, but sometimes, a band pops up that you haven’t heard of before. Finding new artists is a great thing about the countdown and this week, we were particularly happy to hear this indie-rock track from Toronto’s Shoot The Image for the first time! Enjoy.

STREAM: Shoot the Image – “Reykjavik”

Reykjavik by shoottheimage

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  1. Thank you for recognizing Simeon and his band Shoot the Image. Simeon has always been an example to the brilliance of creative and aboriginal thought. Listen to the lyrics of Reykjavik, they are poetry, second to none. I am so proud of Simeon, he is a great songwriter, singer, and a funny, intelligent aboriginal. I am proud to call him my nephew. Love Auntie Lou