PREMIERE: Stream Sister Says’ New Album “Heart Placement”

Sister Says’ much anticipated second album, Heart Placement, is a soulful, electric mix that sets a new bar for the genre-bending pop duo.

In a departure from the Haida-Tsimshian sibling’s jazz-infused first album, Gillian and Robert Thomson, aka Sister Says, along with producer Daivd Meszaros, have crafted twelve fantastic songs. Drawing on soul and an early 70s production sound, they weave electric guitar, keys, organ, and well placed harmonies with an occasional folky acoustic guitar and even a bit of banjo picking. Sonically pared down compared to their last release, the production is tasteful and compelling, bringing the strengths of the melodies and Gillian’s voice to the forefront.

For the album, they assembled a crack band of Vancouver musicians including guitarist Lonny Eagleton, drummer Geoff Hicks, pianist Andrew Rasmussen, and, on three of the tracks, pianist Jillian Lebeck.

Recorded over a two year span, Sister Says clearly took the time to create exactly the best album they could, and the result was worth the wait. Lyrically they explore enjoying the present in the positivity-infused title track, they dig into darker depths of loss and hurt in Abel’s Underneath and Lost My Soul, and they reflect on change and growth in the closing track Swimming Sharks, which is the sole track to delightfully feature Robert on lead vocals (Gillian’s sultry, clear voice delivers all other songs.)

Sister Says has been working and growing steadily since their 2010 debut The Only Way, proving here that they have more ways than one to keep us listening, and loving it. Turn it on and turn it up – the premiere of Heart Placement.

STREAM: Sister Says – “Heart Placement”

Heart Placement is now available for pre-order at sistersays.bandcamp.com.

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