Stryk-9 Channels Ancestral Power in New Single and Video, “In The Spirit”

Stryk-9 represents for the people on new single and video, “In The Spirit”.

Hochunk-Northern Cheyenne hip-hop artist Kunu Dittmer—aka Stryk-9—has been at the game for years, building and creating throughout the Northwest with his Indigenous crew, the Burial Ground Sound Collective.

Stryk-9’s new single, “In The Spirit”, is a heartfelt portrait of empowerment and Indigenous struggle that comes drumming through your speakers with the spirit of Crazy Horse. Opening with a throwback soul sample that flips a traditional hand drum song and vocal over a head-knocking hip-hop beat, Stryk-9 spits raw verses about bringing his creativity into action for clan, fam, and all relations.

But as he asks in the track’s closing lines, what can we do in the face of “world wars and global warming”, when we’re “living the story of creation / the destruction of the system that’s corrupting the spirit of women and men / is it the beginning or the end?”

Politically charged, but decidedly personal in its ambition to bring truth to the light for the benefit of all Indigenous Peoples, this is a revolutionary warrior’s anthem for the conscious, proud, and free.

Catch Stryk-9 and the Burial Ground Sound Collective, alongside Almas Fronterizas and Katrina Benally (Diné), at “Uprising at the Abbey”—an all ages, hip-hop showcase organized as part of the One Flaming Arrow Festival‘s closing night—Sunday, June 14 in Portland, Oregon. Full event info here.

DOWNLOAD: Stryk-9’s – “In The Spirit”

Watch Stryk-9’s “In The Spirit”

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