WATCH: N’we Jinan x Indian Island Penobscot Nation’s Video “Skicin In You”

N’we Jinan and Seven Eagles Media released their latest music video for “Skicin In You,” another empowering track from their latest album Skicin Generation Vol. 4 that dropped last week.

“I will not fight you, but I will get educated. I will honour the old ways and I will walk a good path. I will overcome your fear with deep compassion because I am a warrior.”

The N’we Jinan youth from the Indian Island Panobscot Nation are spreading knowledge to the youth of their generation. “Skicin In You”is all about overcoming the obstacles many Native youth face in order to thrive and live a good life. Breaking through silence, finding strength, being brave, and never giving up are some of the messages N’we Jinan are blasting in this inspiring new music video. Check it out and spread the good word!

WATCH: N’we Jinan Artists “Skicin in You”


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