Photos from Seafair Powwow: In Living Colour

#PowwowWednesday is here again! I said it last week, but I truly am grateful to everyone who captures so beautifully the images and video out on the powwow trail each week. It’s one of my favourite parts of Monday to catch up on all the recaps, recollections and sharing from powwows nationwide. …read more »

Artist as Musician: A Multi-disciplinary Path

Recently at the Winnipeg Folk Festival when Tim Robbins and his fanastic folk-rock band took the stage, I heard someone nearby comment “why do so many actors insist on trying to be musicians too?” Had it been a coversation I was a part of and not just eavesdropping on I would have quickly replied:
Because they are artists and peformers and one practice does not exclude the other. …read more »

Indigenous Live Music Picks: July 13-17 2011

We’re in the thick of festival season these days, though it’s yet to reach its peak, which means there’s lots of Indigenous gatherings, powwows and performances to check out.  …read more »