Babes 4 Breasts Cancer Research Fundraising CD

Leela Gilday adds her musical talent to the fight against breast cancer with her contribution to the Babes 4 Breasts compilation CD and tour.

Babes 4 Breasts (B4B) has been raising money for breast cancer research since 2003, founded by Ana Miura and Amanda Rheaume, they have made this year their biggest year of touring including 21 shows in 26 days across Canada. To date they have raising over $45,000 for a variety of charities by creating intimate performance spaces.

B4B will be donating the proceeds from their last benefit show in Ottawa to the Maplesoft Centre music program:

It is our core belief that everyone experiences cancer in their own way and no one journey is the same as another. Music therapy adheres to this belief and is individualized to meet peoples own therapeutic and musical needs. The Maplesoft Centre intends on having group sessions which will include playing music, listening to music, performing movements to music, writing songs and discussing lyrics. Many issues common to cancer, such as family disruption, loss of health, fear, and coping with treatment, are often difficult to express verbally. Music therapy can be used to encourage emotional expression, promote social interaction, and address issues in a non-verbal way.

Here is a video of Dene singer-songwriter Leela Gilday at a B4B show in Duncan, BC. Perhaps not the best video work but you can feel the incredible energy in the room and the powerful stage presence of Ms.Leela! They have recently released a compilation CD of 17 songs which includes Leela’s Listen Sister as track 1. The CD is available online at babesforbreasts.com, support the cause and enjoy the music.